“You should only fear one thing: Boredom.  Also hippos.  Those things are freakin' fast and will mess you up.”
-Alexei Ryan, indiegamevo.com

Being bored means you have ceased to be curious.   That would suck.   But the good news is, you're curious enough to check out this website.   Pretty good considering there are so many easily consumed distractions out there.   I mean right now, you could be watching another cat video... Oh now you want to do that, don't you?   Ok go watch a cat video, and come back; I'll still be here... Back?

Let's get to it: "What's your background?" and "What do you do?"

In the beginning of my career, I experimented with the Hollywood scene for 2 years, doing a few TV shows, commercials, and films. I then took a job doing voiceover in Singapore and spent 3 years traveling and working throughout Europe and Asia. Now I am back in the San Francisco Bay Area pursuing a career in video game voiceover and tech recruiting.

You can see my work at indiegamevo.com.

I am also a singer and songwriter in my spare time.

Right now, my home base is San Francisco.  You can reach me at alexeirq at gmail.com  Thank you.

-Alexei Ryan

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