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Game industry hiring is broken.

The same few pros are being recycled within the same few companies every few years with a nice juicy raise each time, while everyone else is stagnating.

There’s simultaneously a ‘talent shortage’ while there are unprecedented studio shutdowns and layoffs.

If you aren’t one of those illusive few then it’s likely I already know who you are:

-Maybe you’re lucky enough to be employed full time, but you’re stuck on projects that are underwhelming and you’re not getting the raise you’ve expected. 

-Maybe you’ve busted your ass in “crunch” and then got promptly laid off when there was nothing left to do. 

-Or even worse, maybe your projects were cancelled and you have nothing to show for it. 

-Maybe you’re stuck in the dreaded “contractor vortex” hopping from temp gig to temp gig with the vague promise of with the ‘possibility’ to convert to full-time!

-Or maybe you’re a new grad with the grandest honors and now you’re realizing your school taught you how to DO the job, but not GET the job.  


How can I help?

I’ve seen what works to get attention, regardless of what the job description says.  I’ve seen how you can bypass the automated application system.  I’ve seen how you can avoid being disqualified before you even get a chance because of some backdoor research.  I’ve seen how a juicy profile with the right keywords gets job offers coming to YOU.

Maybe you have a grand goal of fixing the system (like I do), or maybe you just want to know how to get by.  Either way you need to understand how it works.

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Much love.  Let’s overthrow the system together shall we?




You’re still scrolling?  Then you’re probably wondering…

Who am I?

I was once lost, scrambling for a job and a direction, making a career change in my late 20s from doing theme park character acting (which is far from marketable game industry skills).  In a few short years I became responsible for hand-picking the team for one of the most successful gaming franchises on Earth.

But how?!

Fancy degree?  Nope.  I studied Theatre at UCSB.

Impressive resume?!  Nope.  I had barely any experience at all.

Hypnotic powers of persuasion?  Perhaps.

But most importantly I figured out that it was broken.  I broke the rules that were put in front of me.  I did not follow the advice of veterans with 15+ years experience.  I leveraged everything at my disposal.  I figured out how to identify the truly unique career changing opportunities and forget the rest.  And the people I’m seeing “glitch in” to the industry from nothing are doing the same.

My LinkedIn

I have recruited for: Engineering, Product, Design, Art/Animation, Marketing/UA, Economists, and beyond.

Some of the well known companies I’ve helped either internally or as clients:

60+ hires on Halo Infinite














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